The Train – Biography Sain Kanwarram

The Train – Biography Sain Kanwarram
The Train – Biography Sain Kanwarram

The Train – Biography Sain Kanwarram


Once Kanwarram and his party was going in a Tanga (horse driven cart or Victoria) from Raharki Sahib to Daharki Station, bound for a village, where they had a program. When they reached station, Bhai Sital (his disciple) remembered that he had left his singing dress in his house, three miles far from the station. Saint Kanwarram asked him to hurry back again in a Tanga and bring the dress. Someone remarked that the train had started from the last station and would reach Daharki station within three minutes. Swamiji replied that there were twenty-three minutes still and not three! If Bhai Sital would return within that time he would catch the train. Bhai Sital obeyed and brought back the dress just when the train reached the platform. Wonderful are the ways of Saints! The train left the last station in time, its engine was not out of order, came within the same speed, still Bhai Sital reached in three minutes times!

The reason denies, the logic fails, the mind defers and deserts to submit, to accept the above irrational spiritual feats. But these sacramental, Para psychological phenomenon where the true Yogis and Saints have been able to conquer space and time with there spiritual powers as stated in the book on Yoga by Patanjali.

“Glorifying me always and striving with firm resolve bowing down to me in devotion always stead fast, they worship me”.
– Gita IX – 14

In connection with the train, I am reminded of a story of Swami Vivekanand. This is a fascinating and miraculous story.

Vivekananda, in the period of his wanderings when he was still unknown was traveling in a third class compartment; one of his fellow passengers was a ‘Bania’ who scoffed at the Swami calling him a “Lazy Lout”. The ‘Bania’ said to the Swamiji – “it is well that you and such as you, who do not work and or burden on society, should starve, that will teach you to give up your idle way and take to some trade. We work and toil and earn our daily food. This Tiffin box contains ‘Puris’ and ‘Pakoras’ and sweets. I shall eat them while you will look on!” So saying the ‘Bania’ began to feast himself on his “well-earned” food. The Swamiji looked on with quiet eyes. He had not tasted a morsel of food for several hours, but he believed firmly that the Lord would not let him starve much longer. Just then a man came rushing to the station. In his hands was a carpet and Tiffin carrier bigger than that of the ‘Bania’. The man seemed to be looking for someone. As soon as he sighted Swami Vivekananda, he spread the carpet on the floor and opening the Tiffin box, requested the Swamiji to partake of the food. It consisted of warm ‘Puris’ and fresh ‘Pakoras’ and sweets of different types, which made the mouth of ‘Bania’ water.

The Swamiji expressed surprise and said there must be some mistake, as he had never see the man before. The man answered – “it is true Swamiji, you have never seen me before. But I have seen you. And I have been ordered by my Master and Lord to bring these things to you and ask you to bless me.” How is that? Asked the Swamiji. And the man replied – “I am a seller of sweet-meats, I was taking afternoon nap when Sri Rama appeared to me in a dream and asked me to wake up and prepare ‘Puris’ and ‘Pakoras’ and bring them post haste to the station where your train had stopped a while. I wake up but finding that it was only a dream, went to sleep again. But once again Sri Rama appeared in a dream and this time he gave me a shaking with his own hands and woke me up saying that I must not wait a moment longer as otherwise I would miss your train so here I am.”

Astonished the Swamiji sat on the carpet and partook with a grateful heart, he thanked the Lord – “Thou art! O Lord, thou art” And the ‘Bania’ felt humbled “seek ye the Kingdom of God”, said Jesus “and all things shall be added unto you!”
“Through the shoals of disappointment
With cruel reefs on either side,
With the Master as my pilot
My ship will safely ride !
And when doubts and fears assail me,
And seek to over whelm
In perfect peace I rest securely,
For God is at the helm.

John Gilbert.

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