A Man of the Word – Biography Saint Kanwarram

A Man of the Word – Biography Saint Kanwarram

A Man of the Word – Biography Sain Kanwarram


Saint Kanwarram was a man of his word. Whatever promises he used to make, he used to fulfill them without fail. At many occasions he had to pass through ordeals, tests and trials, hardships and hurdles to keep his word. God is also a great tester.

“Tribulations and obstacles are the weapon to tests man’s worth and his adherence to a cause. Easy path, attractive status, toil-less reward, nominal adherence and unending happiness attract crowds. But when the test becomes severe they fall out entirely. The aspiring man is put to test. According to his worth he is rewarded. The test is the criterion.”

Swami Chidbhavananda

Like Mirabai, he would dance and forget himself in the music of the Lord.

At that time he would loose himself in sheer abandon of ecstatic love. Kanwar gave a promise once to a devotee to perform ‘Kirtan’. After he gave his promise, his daughter became seriously ill. He was advised to postpone his departure, but he refused. He left for the promised village with his band of musicians. There he was in the midst of his ‘Kirtan’, word reached him that his daughter had expired, he gave out a sad sigh, but did not say anything and went ahead with his ‘Kirtan’ and ‘Nam Simran’ and ‘Bhajans’ – “Tera Bhana Meetha Lage” they will be done!

What fortitude! What a lion’s heart!

Likewise, when once he was immersed in the ‘Kirtan’ in the village of Daharki he received a message that his son Arjun was serious. He ignored it. After the ‘Kirtan’ was over, he reached the station to go to village Ali, but at the station only he received a telegram that his ailing son was dead. He asked his disciples to go to the village Ali and promised them that he would reach there by nightfall to perform ‘Kirtan’. He then proceeded home. Before he could reach there, the funeral ceremony of his dead son was already performed and the fires of the cremation ground were raising high to bear witness to God of Kanwar abiding passion for the Lord. Kanwar consoled his wailing wife, remained there for few hours and immediately reached the village of Ali to join his party and fulfilled his promise. When Guru Govind Singh decorated his two young sons to send them to the battlefield to fight the war of right against the monster of might, did he weep? Did he quail? No could Kanwar shirk behind?

Saints are cast in different moulds. They face all odds and cannot be tempted by the devil to surrender their inner light to tears. Ultimately they become heroes of the history, not heroes of the hours. If Jesus had been scared of the terrors and torture of the tormentors, he would have not lived in history as a shinning beacon of light. Martin Luther Kind said “Caesar occupied a palace and Christ a Cross, but the same Christ so split history in A.D. and B.C. that even the reign of Caesar was subsequently dated by his name.”

At another time Kanwarram had an appointment in the town of Khairpur Mirs. That night he had a high fever and cough and cold. He was bed ridden. The organizers even desisted that since Kanwarram is ill he would not perform Bhajans program. He got up and dressed himself to join the singing party. Kanwar said I don’t bother for my body. I cannot disappoint so many people who have come from long distances and spending money. Above all I have promised. I cannot dare to break the word, lest my body may not survive but word is above my body. It is a voice of Soul. I cannot prove false to my word and disappoint so many children of God. It is God’s work. My body is also His trust. He will take care of it. Why should I worry about this mortal cage? It is said that on that particular event he enchanted the hearts of people by his melodious songs to the utmost.
“Most high, most holy and most pure,
The honor paid the kind eternal!
So too chaste fear, which shall endure
With joyful love, all bright & pure,
For ever in that realm supernal”

St. Francis

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