The Trance-Media of the Soul – Bio Sain Kanwarram

The Trance – Media of the Soul – Biography Sain Kanwarram

One month after the martyrdom and death of Saint Kanwarram a strange phenomenon occurred that the Soul of Saint Kanwarram started descending into the body of Chaturbai w/o Girdharilal – who is son of Vinjharbai daughter of Bhai Sabhagchand – elder brother of Saint Satramdas – Guru of Saint Kanwarram. She used to go into trance and Kanwar’s Soul descended in that body and talked to the people through the agency of this body as a trance media. This phenomenon still continues. Chaturbai lives in Mirpur Mathelo, Pakistan. The Soul of Saint Kanwarram descends into the body of Chaturbai, every month on the 1st Moon day, the people throng from for off places to get ‘Darshan’ and guidance from the Soul of Saint Kanwar though this trance-media why this particular trance-media? There is a true story behind this episode. Only the close relations know this. The story goes that Vinjharbai daughter of Sabhagchand (elder brother of Satramdas) had only one brother named Bhai Pribhudas; he was a great Saint and highly spiritualized man. He died at a young age. Vinjharbai used to weep a lot. So Saint Kanwarram said Vinjharbai – “Don’t worry I am your brother, I will help and protect you not only in this body but even after my death.” Kanwarram was very faithful and helping to the family of Wadhanmal, husband of Vinjharbai, as they were poor people. When Kanwarram was shot dead Vinjharbai got a great shock and intolerable blow on the personal loss of brother Saint Kanwarram as promised before death. The Soul of Saint Kanwarram started descending into the body of Chaturbai the eldest daughter-in-law of Vinjharbai. Kanwar’s Soul used to talk to Vinjharbai through this media, helped her, and directed her even after leaving the mortal cage! On a strange phenomenon people were really wonderstruck, some believed others ridiculed and others even objected. To verify and testify the authenticity of this phenomenon, she was asked to sing a song of Kanwarram. She sang the song of Kanwarram in the same voice of Kanwarram and then people believed in this phenomenon. Chaturbai lived in the village Dadlagari in Taluqa Mirpur Mathelo district Sukkur. Now to meet Kanwar in this form people started coming to this village where they asked about the cures of diseases, some would beg for son, others for money. All got satisfied answers and many of the people also got results. Now the fear started in the minds of the housemates and relatives of Chaturbai, if this miracle comes to the knowledge of Peer of Bharchoondi, the one who managed the murder of Saint Kanwarram, there may be danger to this woman (Chaturbai). Saint Kashiram told, “Once I saw Saint Satramdas and Saint Kanwarram riding on the camel, they were spreading salt from Dadlagari village up to the village of Bharchoondi – the village of the furious and fanatic Peer and telling me in the dream that now don’t worry, the Peer will not do anything as he will not know this phenomenon.” It is a fact afterwards the fear from the family disappeared and now the Vinjharbai is also dead long back. Chaturbai lives at Mirpur Mathelo district Sukkur, Pakistan. The Soul of Saint Kanwarram still descends on first day of the full moon every month and still guides the devotees there. This is all faith!
Now let us analyze this phenomenon without any bias on a scientific reasoning, whether this could be right or wrong? I am a doctor with a scientific education and training, would try to explain this phenomenon scientifically because I believe in the authenticity of this episode! In this book, I have already described about the episode of materialization of Ramkrishna Paramahansa after his death, when Sharda Mata started breaking her bangles, Ramkrishna appeared and told her “I am alive not dead! Do not break the bangles you are not widow! On the second time in America, when Vivekananda was lecturing and touring America, he became very famous, so much so, that some people tried to poison him by mixing the poison in the cup of the tea. Ramkrishna materialized himself and stood on the back of Vivekananda, told him in the ears “don’t take tea; there is a poison in the cup of tea!’ Thus, Vivekananda was saved. See the authenticity of the episode that great Souls exist, protect, and guide the devotee even after physical death. Now we come to the conclusion that the Soul exists. The great scientist Flammarion – the Astronomer Royal of France – writes in his book ‘Urania’ – the materialization of his friend Spero after his death, Spero said, “Souls conscious of their individuality are beyond the condition of space and time. After the death of their body, they occupy no space”. Spero said further – “Man makes his own destiny… the Soul’s destiny is to free itself more and more, from the material world” with the efforts “the Soul then enters upon the spiritual life”. Finally, Spero made a statement, which is so profound that it can form the topic of separate lecturer book. Spero said, “The supreme aim of all beings is the perpetual approach to absolute perfection and divine happiness”. May I quote to you yet another example of materialization of the dead wife of Dr. S.S. Ajagaonkar, an ophthalmologist of Bombay? Mrs. Ajagaonkar died of Cancer on June 7, 1952. The night after her dead body was cremated; she appeared in a materialized human form before her brother Mr. R.G. Samant, an Advocate of the Bombay High Court. He was alone in the house when suddenly he saw his dead sister before him. He was startled and could not believe in his eyes. He pinched his body several times to make sure that he was fully awake and was not dreaming. Convinced that he was fully conscious, he welcomed his sister and taking her by the hand made her sit on the cot.
For twenty-five years, Mrs. Ajangaonkar had faithfully observed the fast of vrata – Pournima. She died on the same day owing to her death she could not break the fast and she asked her brother to give her a cup of Coffee. He prepared it but could not find milk for it. She told him where it was, sure enough, he found the milk at the place indicated, added it to the cup of Coffee and brought it to his sister. She told him that her ritual of breaking the fast would as well be fulfilled if he drank the Coffee instead of her. So saying she suddenly vanished.
What happened there after is still more interesting. Mr. Samant had no child for Mrs. Samant had an infantile uterus. Mrs. Ajagaonkar appeared to Mr. Samant this time in a dream and told him that her prayers had been answered and Mrs. Samant would bear a child. Mr. Samant had his wife examined by Dr. Karande, M.D. of K.E.M. Hospital of Bombay who had examined her three times in the past. The doctor was surprised to find that her uterus had become normal and was big with child.
The body is an instrument through which the Soul does his work during his earth-in-carnation. The question arises can the Soul be seen with physical eyes? No, as electricity can not be seen, but it only exhibits its power of illumination in the electric bulb or running of a car, factory etc. However, if you switch off, the fuse goes, or the bulb is fused, there is darkness that does not mean that there is no electricity. The bulb being fused or body getting dead does not mean that there is no electricity or Soul. Why Saints attract the people – there is a scientific reasoning?
By there power of concentration and name Simran, Sadhana and deep meditation, they accumulate enough Sattvic vibration so called electromagnetic waves – so called aura, that they can attract the people as python – a huge snake sucks his prey for food from a long distance, he does not go to catch its prey. Therefore, Saints attract the people by their vibrations, may be in the form of true dreams, visions, apparitions, premonitions materializations etc. They help and guide the devotees even after shedding the body.
I quote here a personal experience when I was a medical student at Medical College, Indore. A week earlier, I used to see in my dream almost every night a scene of the funeral procession. On the 7th day, I received a telegram that my father Saint Kashiram expired in Pakistan. The more interesting part of this story is that fifteen minutes before the mail carrier brought the telegram, my spiritual Guru Diwan Karamchand came to my room and sat there and the mail carrier came with the sad telegram. Diwan Karamchand received the telegram and I started weeping he consoled me; he kept his hand on my head and Lo! Tears stopped. I became silent and calm! Then he left the room. How can one explain this phenomenon? Was it a case of telepathy? Alternatively, Saints grace on the devotees. The world famous parapsychologist Dr. Chatterjee from Jaipur he has recorded and interviewed many cases of rebirth and reincarnation and many cases he has proved the authenticity of stories that they appear in the Indian as well as world papers and magazines!
True it is that those that move on the other side of death are not dead. They are very much alive. They can contact us in variety of ways. In a number of cases, the so-called dead have contacted the so-called living in their dreams.
A most interesting example of this is given to us what is called the “Chaffin will case”. In America, there lived a farmer whose name was J.C. Chaffin. He was a father of four sons. In November 1905, he made a will by which he assigned his entire estate to his third son. Later he changed his mind and in January 1909 made another will by which he assigned equal portions of estate to his four sons and charged them to look after their mother’s maintenance and comforts. Chaffin inserted this second will between two pages of his family Bible and glued the pages together. He spoke of this will to no one. In 1921, he died suddenly in an accident. According to the first will, the third son inherited the father’s estate. Four years later, in June 1925, Mr. Chaffin appeared to his second son in his dreams and spoke to him of the second will he had made and told him that the will was kept in between two pages, glued together of the family Bible. Urged by repeated dream-messages, the second son got the family Bible and in the presence of witnesses, found the will glued between its two pages as indicated in the dreams. Proceedings were instituted in the Court of Law and the Judge decided that the second will must prevail. Accordingly, the estate was equally shared by four brothers.
Revered Dada J.P. Vaswani quotes an interesting story about Shri Jamshed Nusserwanji in his book “Life after Death”.
Shri Jamshed Nusserwanji was rightly called as “Maker of Modern Karachi”. He was a president of the Karachi Municipality for several years. During that period, a dispute occurred between the Government of Bombay and the Karachi Municipality over the large piece of land called the Artillery Maidan. Jamshedji claimed that the Artillery Maidan belonged to Karachi Municipality. He was asked to produce the papers in support of his claim. He knew that the papers were with him, he misplaced them. He searched for them but could not find them. In the meantime, the Government of Bombay put up a huge notice, offering to sell the plots of the Artillery Maidan to the public immediately. Jamshedji had another notice put up on the Maidan warning the public against purchasing the plots that were still in dispute. When the Governor of Bombay, Sir Loyd learnt of this, he flew into rage and took the first train to Karachi. Jamshedji was called to vaunt papers in support of his claim.
Jamshedji’s mind was in state of agitation but only for a temporary period. He thought of his dear, departed mother and recalled how had only to tell his mother to find it for him and the things would be found. He thought of his mother and a dream, in which the mother appeared to him and said, “My child, the papers you are searching are lying in such and such a book on your book shelf”. When Jamshedji awoke in the dark of dawn, he remembered the dream vividly, the first thing he did was to go to the bookshelf, and sure enough, the papers he searched for were there in the books, as had been indicated by his mother in the dream.
At Harikrishna Mandir, Poona, where the great Soul Indira Didi lives, miracles of Krishna occurs on the ‘Prasad’ (holy food offered to Krishna). They could find the foot prints of child Krishna and Dada Dilip Kumar Roy the Guru of Indira Didi photographed at least 43 times such prints occurred. Indira Didi goes into trance and talks to Mira and she hears and Bhajans of Mira and states to the audience. Therefore, she still acts as trance media for Mira – the great devotee of Lord Krishna. Dada Dilip Kumar Roy writes in his book ‘The Rounding Off’ about the story of above kind. A big mirror was stolen from the room of Indira Didi that was a precious thing to her. She asked the attendants and others she could not find. She prayed Lord Krishna; in the dream, she saw Krishna telling Indira Didi that the mirror buried few yards away in the back yard of the Mandir Lo! To great surprise in the morning, she told to Dada Dilip Kumar Roy, they went to the spot and unearthed the mirror! How wonderful God is!
Again, I read a story in the book ‘Krishna Prem’ written by Dilip Kumar Roy. The Guru of Krishna Prem – Maa Yoga Shakti was an ardent devotee of Krishna. She used to talk to Krishna, see Krishna in the form of Bal Gopal (child form of Krishna). She had an idol of Bal Gopal whom she used to adore and pray. Once so happened that on the shelf the idol kept there was also a bottle of honey lying there. Somehow, it was broken and honey trickled, honey also touched the idol. The Ants started eating the honey and disturbing the idol. In the midnight, Krishna awakened Maa Yoga Shakti telling her that you are sleeping a sound sleep. I am disturbed! She could not believe! Again the same voice! She got up and really saw the Ants were disturbing the idol due to honey over the idol. It shows that the Soul ever exists, there are not strange phenomenon’s that only the curtain of Avidya (ignorance) has to be removed, and then God can guide you in any form you pray, worship and profess him.
I would ask the readers to read a book ‘Twelve cases of Re-incarnation, scientifically examined’ and the work of Dr. Stevenson, Professor of Psychology in the University of Virginia in America. He investigated over 1600 cases of incarnation and rebirth.
A magazine that appears from Poona named ‘Life Beyond’ writes about the life after death and in America; they have tapes recorded through an electronic system with voice of the dead persons’ Soul. These cassettes are available.
In Patanjali Yoga Sutra, he mentions about the powers like telepathy, clairvoyance and clairaudience, Levitation and other powers, which a Yogi can attend! The story of a Yogi is very famous one of the Yogi friends of Ramkrishana was traveling with Ramkrishna, a river came, he said I can walk on the water and cross the river and this power, I have achieved after doing Sadhana – Yogic disciplines for 40 years by now! Ramkrishna admonished him and said the boatman can take you to other side of the river within 10 Paise; you have wasted life for such a small achievement. It clearly indicates that Ramkrishna or any genuine Saint and Sadhak will never encourage simple miracles (that is control the nature for small and temporary goals) rather they would encourage, God- realization and self-realization.
You will wonder that even the Soul of Saint Satramdas, the Guru of Kanwarram had a trance-media that too a lady – an old lady not from the high caste, but a schedule caste, a Harijan lady. She resided at the outskirts of Rahirki village. Her name was “Bhopi Bai”. In my childhood, I visited with my mother not knowingly, what it is all! The wonder of this story is that Saints treat all alike; there is no caste and creed with Saints. Therefore, the Soul of Satramdas descended into the body of ‘Bhopi Bai’ a Harijan woman. In addition, I saw many rich and high caste people going to the house of Bhopi Bai, a Harijan and talking to the Soul of Saint Satramdas through this media.
Another phenomenon that I would like to elaborate is that a garland of shining white peals appeared and disappeared on the photo of Saint Kanwarram just after the 12th day of martyrdom. Was it a miracle or spiritual illusion? No there is a scientific reasoning behind it.
If the readers have heard about the Holy Shroud of Christ, the burial cloth of Christ has the permanent prints of his crucified body on the cloth, still today. It is possible during the period of torture and crucification the rays emanating from the body of the Christ might have produced a photographic action on the cloth; because if you see the slide of the above cloth on the screen it looks like a negative photograph (I have seen the slide of the above Holy Shroud). As you know body has a physical body and there is astral body or ‘light body’ just after death the people can see the body of Krishna, Christ, and Rama of their Ishta Devata in the form of light. A body made of pure white light shining; in Gita, also it is written. God’s pure form is light (the Noor). In Hiroshima – just after the first Atomic bomb blast many people died. But the strange phenomenon, which is visible on the remaining walls of town is that due to tremendous light emanated from the blast, there are so many negative prints on the walls showing the dying persons and the scenes from the opposite walls and houses which are due to the photographic action of the high illuminated blast of Atom bomb. Same way the phenomenon of Holy Shroud and the appearance of pearls on the photograph of Kanwarram can be explained! Because these great Souls have so much purity in themselves by Bhakti and service that they accumulate in Aura, a hallow of white pure light around them – they themselves become self-illuminating – like the Jyoti Saroop Bhagwan (God in the form of light). Therefore, these phenomenon’s are within the reach of science and reasoning mind!

“The light which is residing in the Sun
illumines the whole world, that which
is in the Moon and in the fire – know that light to be Mine.”

– Gita XV -12

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