The Disciples of the Saint – Bio Sain Kanwarram

The Disciples of the Saint – Biography Sain Kanwarram
The Disciples of the Saint – Biography Sain Kanwarram
The Disciples of the Saint – Biography Sain Kanwarram

Dr SK Punshi

Kanwarram like Gadge Baba never made any formal disciples or named anybody to get the Gaddi (the nomination as his heir or spiritual heir). Somebody asked him who after you? Name some of your heir. Even somebody asked him about his son Bhai Pesuram to succeed after his death. He unhesitatingly replied- “it is Saint Satramdas’s garden, I am just a Mali (Gardener). I am a slave at the door of my Master! So how does the question of successor arise? I am not concerned with my son or anybody after my death.” Few of the people who had lot of faith in Saint Kanwarram they made him Guru on their own with their inner heart’s direction and full dedication and they got blessings and grace. People like Bhai Ratanram who served Kanwarram day and night like a servant thus got the highest grace. Being around all the time with the Saint, serving like Hanuman who served Rama, thus got the vibrations of grace from the Saint automatically and became one with the Master. It is not the man of letters like a doctor, lawyer or engineer or a rich man receives the grace, but it is the real unlettered, so called rustic, but brim with faith and Shradha gets the grace. It is the poor and meek, humble and soft whom God and Guru love more because they have no ego. They are just at the mercy of Lord. A beautiful story is reminded here, when Lord Rama wanted to cross the sea to conquer Lanka and kill Ravana and get back Sita – the divine concert of Lord Rama. As we know Hanuman is the greatest disciple of Lord Rama, so naturally Hanuman with his army of monkeys started building the bridge with stones. The squirrels started there little work by filling the small cracks with small chips of stones. When Hanuman saw this he admonished the small creature like squirrels – how the hell you people can make bridge the small creatures? The squirrels got embarrassed and wept. They decided to meet Rama and went to narrate the story. Rama was God – incarnate, he could understand the crux of the matter – he is suffering from ‘Ahankar’ (Ego). Rama called Hanuman. Hanuman came with due Pranams (Prostrations), he sat at the Holy feet of Lord Rama. Lord Rama scolded Hanuman – “you are powerful and mighty, no doubt – you are building the bridge for me to cross over but you are neglecting the small work of these small creatures that are also doing my work, Rama’s work. However small it may be, actually they are helping you in making the bridge ‘pacca’ (Hard) by filling the cracks. So you are suffering from ego. I prefer the small work of these small, tiny creatures than your work full of ego.” Hanuman wept and apologized Lord Rama and Rama in turn asked Hanuman to apologize squirrels, let all should work together as it is God’s work and all creatures of God are small or big. The moral value of the story is that everybody should work sincerely, as God’s work without thinking small or big or having any type of ego. The rich and fabulist people give lacs of Rupees in charity for the good work and noble causes but they put their names on the institutions, they get the reward of their charity in this world as they get name and fame. The God likes the charity of the poor, of a few coins, earned with physical labor and truthfulness with toil and moil. Lord Krishna ate the grams of his childhood friend poor Sudama with great love and affection. Lord Rama ate the Berries of Bhilani with love and reverence.

“He who offers me a leaf, a flower, water I accept it, if given with Sharma (devotion)”.

  • Gita

It is said that Saint Kanwarram had graced Diwan Karamchand Ahuja (Baba of Indore) – the spiritual Guru and guide of author. Diwan Karamchand was a staunch devotee of Saint Kanwarram. It is said when Diwan Karamchand was seriously ill at Jarwar – the birth place of Saint Kanwarram, Saint Kanwar worked miracle for him and got him revived from the clutches of death. Diwan Karamchand lived a long life of 99 years. Two years back, he left his mortal coil and left for the heavenly abode, the abode of Kanwar and Krishna. He lived as a house holder and true Braham Gyani, perfect with divine knowledge. He was drenched with the love of Guru and God. He was a God intoxicated man. He used to go into Samadhi – spiritual trance many a times. He lived aloof and secluded. He believed the words of Christ – ‘First seek the Kingdom of God and everything else will be added unto it’. He used to preach to me as follows: my son, keep the following points in mind, mediate and work sincerely and truthfully:-

  1. Shama and Dama 2. Uprati – not thinking about sensory objects 3. Titiksha – without feeling of hatres or anger 4. Shradha – faith 5. Samadhana – constant practice to hold mind on God 6. Mumukshutava – intense desire to be free 7. Nirvikalpa Samadhi – face to face with the God Saint Karamchand lived a very simple and fully renunciated life. He stressed on silence. Silence your thoughts. He said ask yourself who am I? This external body consciousness’, should vanish and internal spiritual – I – consciousness should reveal. That is the self realization. I quote hear from Dnyanneshwar – “My speech has silenced my silence. This action is like drawing a picture on water. Self realization has deepened into the nectar of self revelation there is nothing more to know than that has been told in Upnishdas.”
  • Amrut Anubhaza

Baba Hardasram – so called “Godriwala Baba” or “Baba of Jalgaon” followed the foot steps of his Guru Saint Kanwarram. He served the community, the poor, blind and crippled. He has an Ashram at Jalgaon, Maharashtra. Three years back he dropped his mortal cage. Saints never die; they live by their teachings and the perfume, the name and fame they leave by their selfless service to the community. There is a beautiful Samadhi of Baba Hardasram situated at Kanwar Nagar, Jalgaon. Bhai Gobindram, Nagpur also followed the teachings of Saint Kanwarram. He established a big Dharmashala named Saint Satramdas Dharamshala at Jaripatka, Nagpur. He built Narishala, home for the crippled aged and a hospital at Nagpur. He died last year at Jaripatka colony. Nagpur Minicipal Corporation has given Jaripatka as Govind Nagar to perpetuate the memory of Saint Govindram. Saint Kashiram was a great devotee of Saint Kanwarram. He was a house holder, did ‘Ramasimran’ and served the poor and needy, the animals and birds. He was married to daughter’s daughter of Sai Sabhagchand, the elder brother of Saint Satramdas – Guru of Saint Kanwarram. He had many spiritual experiences. He even worked miracles but remained hidden without pomp and show. Other devotees of Saint Kanwarram were Bhai Khemchand Jethwani, Bhai Manghir, Bhai Sital and so many. May the blessings of Saint Kanwarram and Lord Krishna be showered upon us all.

“Where is Krishna, the Lord of Yoga, wherever is Partha, the weilder of the blow, there are prosperity, victory, expansion and such is my conviction.”

Om ! Peace ! Peace ! Peace be to all !

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