Nuptial Tie – Biography Sain Kanwarram

Nuptial Tie – Biography Sain Kanwarram
Nuptial Tie – Biography Sain Kanwarram

Nuptial Tie – Biography Sain Kanwarram


Kanwar grew under the fond care and fatherly love of Saint Satramdas. When grew adult and of the marriageable age Saint Satramdas with consultation of the parents of Kanwarram got him married with a simple and Saintly girl from the village Mangharian near to Jarwar, the birth place of Kanwar. It is a fact that ‘marriages are settled in heavens and solemnized on earth. After the marriage, Kanwar and his wife passed much of their lifetime with Gurudev at Raharki. Kanwarram’s wife used to work in the common kitchen. In the early morning, she would grind the corn, she would broom and sweep the house and then she would make meals in the kitchen and serving the people whole day. She was silent, soft-spoken, simple gladded woman like Shardha Mata, and divine concert of Ramkrishna Paramhansa. Kanwar and his wife were very absorbed in the service of the people with total devotion and dedication as true lovers of God and humanity.

“In every man I see a friend Indeed!
Within outside, and me I feel
Thy holy presence, Lord!
Around me and above me
Thou art O’Vithala!”
– Tukaram Gatha

She gave birth to Bhai Pessuram the surviving son of Saint Kanwarram and two daughters Bhagwani and Kalanbai.

With the heavy load of the kitchen and physical labor she grew very week and feeble. As God willed it, she breathed her last on 1986 (Hindu calendar).

Saint Kanwar as a true Yogi and Sanyasi had no idea to remarry but again with the order of Guru Saint Satramdas he married, submitting and succumbing to the order of Guru. He remarried with Gangabai from Mirpur Mathelo. Mata Ganga is alive today and lives at Amravati. She has two daughters Sushila and Ishwari. Mata Ganga is revered and respected as a ‘Sindhu Mata’ and a living gift of Saint Kanwarram. Mata Ganga told me “I saw Saint Kanwarram daily at night in Samadhi (spiritual trance) for hours together.
Mata Ganga also served the kitchen of Raharki Darbar with her might and main, devotion and sacrifice. It is a fact ‘marriage is not a word, a sentence’ but Kanwarram as a true householder managed both Godly side and worldly side with a great skill and wisdom.

“Whatever thou doest
Whatever thou eatest
Whatever thou givest as gifts away
Whatever tapasya thou dost practise,
O Arjuna, son of Kunti,
Do it all
As an offering unto me!”

– Gita IX 27

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