A Man and a Dog – Biography Sain Kanwar ram

A Man and a Dog – Biography Sain Kanwarram
A Man and a Dog – Biography Sain Kanwarram

A Man and a Dog – Biography Sain Kanwar ram


Saint Kanwarram was a humble person. Humility was a jewel in the ‘Pagri’ (Turban) of Saint Kanwarram. He was troubled, even at times abused by the close relations of his Guru Satramdas, but he would never reply. He had achieved and mastered the skill and art of tolerance and forgiveness because he had forgotten Kanwar as a physical body. He was a self-realized Soul.

Not only he would clean and broom the Ashram he would look after the cows and serve the guest etc. but also he would go to Jungle for collecting firewood for the kitchen use. He would bring a bundle of firewood on his head like an ordinary woodcutter and wood seller, a common scene in the village. Once an old woman could not lift the bundle of the firewood, collected from the Jungle. Kanwar got her load on his own head and got her reached home by carrying that burden on his head and got the blessings of the old woman.

“Love is a gift from God to man
Obedience is a gift from Master to man
Surrender is a gift from man to Master.

Mehar Baba

In spite of so much name, fame, and prestige in the outside world he had no tinge of pride and ego in him. He would not hear his praise; if some did it he would leave the place. Once a man, named Bassarmal along with his companion came to Raharki to invite Kanwarram for the anniversary program of Saint Kanwar. Before so they asked the whereabouts of Kanwarram from an attendant of the Ashram, the attendant pointed out to a man with pot containing mud on his head. Bhai Bassarmal did not believe that a man so honored everywhere would work outer side the person is befooling us. He protested and requested the man not to befool the guest and tell us the truth and the real great man Kanwarram. Nevertheless, the attendant again pointed out to the same simple cladode, rustic laborer with the pot of mud. Probably mason work of Musafirkhana was going on and Kanwarram was doing the work for that project. In the meantime Kanwarram passed by the side of Bassarmal and seeing him a new face asked him what he wanted. Where from he comes? Bassarmal replied that he wanted to know the whereabouts of Bhagat Kanwarram Sahib. Swamiji smilingly replied that “the worldly body is known as Kanwar and please speak out what can I do for you”? Bassarmal and his companion were surprised at such humility of his and fell down at his feet. Their faith in Kanwar increased.

“All honours, Lord to your just Law I bring
Your mercy and your righteousness I sing.”

– St. Thomas

There was a dog, which used to remain outside the holy shrine of Raharki Sahib. The dog is a faithful animal and it really does a work of security guard. Kanwar used to respect that particular dog very much. He would speak to this dog as ‘Bhai Kutta’ (Brother Dog). Whenever he used to pass evening and morning through that path he would greet the dog ‘Bhai Kutta’ “Ram” (Namaskar) or whenever Kanwarram used to go out for programs and also when he used to come he would bow before this dog and get his blessing too. The people around once asked Kanwarram why you bow the dog. Pat came the reply ‘brothers, this dog is more faithful than I am, moreover he is remaining twenty hours around the Holy Shrine of my Satguru. You know I am most of the times away for programs. This dog is constantly present here, so who is more fortunate, dog or me?’ Imagine the highest form of Gurubhakti and height of humbleness, common man does not do all this. He is a superficial wayfarer. As the sage say:

“I shrink to give up my ego and life,
and thus do not plunge into the great waters of life.”

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