A Lotus Blossoms – Biography Sain Kanwarram

A Lotus Blossoms - Biography Sain Kanwarram
A Lotus Blossoms – Biography Sain Kanwarram

A Lotus Blossoms – Biography Sain Kanwarram


Saint Kanwarram was born with the blessings of Saint Khotaram. It is said Tarachand, father of Saint Kanwarram had no issue. Kanwarram’s mother Tirathbai beseeched and prayed for a son. Saint Khotaram blessed the couple on the promise and pretext that the child will be handed over to ‘Raharki Darbar’. Bhai Tarachand and Tirathbai, the parents were happy to hear the holy words from the tongue of ‘Sidha Pursha’ Saint Khotaram, even not minding if the child is to be given to ‘Raharki Darbar’.

The poor farmer couple Tarachand and Tirathbai lived at Jarwar a village in Taluka Mirpur Mathelo district Sukkur, Sindh. Kanwarram was born in the month of ‘Baisakh’ 1942 (Hindu Year) and April 1885 A.D. If you see the birthplace of Christ, it was in the horses shed in Nazreth. Same way Kanwar was born to mother Tirathbai in a small hut a muddy house. Kanwar (Lotus flower) blossomed and bloomed, at this place of Jarwar. Child Kanwar was very sweet, his voice was sweet, and his behavior to fellow friends was very polite and tender. He was a shy and humble child. He used to obey his parents. He would sing with his child friends. This shows this child had ‘Sattvic’, ‘Karmic’ force and matures ‘Sanskars’ towards renunciation, spirituality and Godhood.
“Whose heart and words dissolve in tenderness?
Who weep and laugh in a holy bliss,
Who sing and dance extolling but his grace,
Aye, such God-lovers came in the world to bless”.
(Dilip Kumar Roy – Flute calls still)

Child Kanwarram was having tender heart. Whatever meals he used to get he will partake with somebody, a bit of it he would offer to dogs. He would offer sugar and seeds to the ants and insects.

‘Let the Soul lend its ear to every cry of pain, as the Lotus bares its heart to drink the morning sun. Let not the fierce sun dry one tear of pain before they self has wiped it from the sufferer’s eye.
However, each burning human teardrop on thy heart there remain, nor even brush it off until the pain that caused it is removed’.

– The voice of the silence.

(cited from Darkness to Light – Victor Gollanz 1956)

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