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Ramanand Sagar’s Shri Krishna – All Episodes

Ramanand Sagar's Shri Krishna - All Episodes
Ramanand Sagar’s Shri Krishna – All Episodes

Ramanand Sagar’s Shri Krishna – All Episodes

The epic TV serial ‘Shri Krishna’ sings the glory of Lord Krishna and is based on ‘Shrimad Bhagwat Mahapuran’

The life of Shri Krishna is not a simple subject since his life-span is spread across the endless ocean of immortality and eternity.

Lord Krishna is one of the most loved Gods in the Hindu religion. He is popularly depicted with a peacock feather in his hair and a flute (Bansuri) in his hands. Krishna is the most colorful, vibrant and happy gods from the many forms of God that exist in Sanatan Dharma (Hinduism or Hindu is a word not mentioned in any ancient text, this word arose from the Arab literature which means the people who live on that side of the Indus River).

Everyone should serve mankind like Krishna; we should love every man taking him to be Krishna. If we follow this and see God in every being, then there will no strife, no war in the world. There will be only Love and Devotion.

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  1. Manoj Daryanani says

    Dear Sirs,

    Salutations from Suriname in South America, from Manoj and family.
    Sincere compliments for a wonderful site. I do have one question and will appreciate if anyone could assist me.
    My parents were born in Sindh and lived in Hyderabad, visited the Srichand Sahib Darbaar in Thatta Sahib.
    I know we used to raise a flag in the honor of Shri Srichand Sahib, on a particular day somewhere in August or September, Called it a special day for “Jhando Sahib”.
    Can anyone please advise what day is it actually and the reason for celebrations as well as hosting a Flag?
    I will be very grateful to learn this.
    Thanks in advance,
    Best regards,

  2. sunilnikalje says

    I just want to watch Sri krishna

  3. amit says

    Iwant to watch shree kishna ramanand sagar

  4. amit kumar says

    i want to watch ramanand sagar krishna serial because it’s my favourite serial

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