Mediate on Death – Biography Sain Kanwarram

Mediate on Death – Biography Sain Kanwarram

One who is born has to die and depart. Now the question arises where from we come. What is the Source? One must accept that we are all Souls and we come from the Soul world. Soul is a point of light and might. Same way God is a point of light and might. In Gita, the form of God has been described as-

“If the splendor of a thousand
Suns were to rise up at once
In the sky that would be
Like the splendor of that
Mighty being.”

– Gita – XI-12

Soul just takes the cover as body and works through the agency and instrument of the body so man should think that he is guest in this world, a traveler in the train of life, a ‘Yatri’ in this ‘Dharamshala’ (guesthouse). Therefore, he has been allotted a little quota of time (life span) to work and go away (death). The philosophers say ‘life is like a playing card’. The cards have been distributed to you. A good player may make a mess of it and a bad player may play a good game. The point is that life is not our making. So always, try to play the game consciously, with devotion, dedication, love and affection, play your part sincerely in the factual drama of life and leave the fruits of action to Lord Krishna. In Gita Lord Krishna, the Gita Sermonizer says, thou have the right to act and not to the fruit of action thereof. Hence most of the Saints do some work. They have the mission of life. ‘Work itself is worship’ and work done for the humanity is work of the Lord; hence, such acts becomes a ‘Yajna’, sacrifice, a prayer. One of the Saints said that I die while washing the ulcers of leprosy patient! It is wonderful energy of life that a pain turns into pleasure. A cross turns into heavenly bliss! One should always meditate on death. Because death is sitting on the shoulder, any moment it will take off the body. Hence, Kanwarram was working in a missionary zeal for the poor masses. ‘Maru’ (the song of death) was very dear to Saint Kanwarram “Aa Kanga Kar Ghal Moonkhe Tan Maruadanji.”

“For what is a man profited if he shall gain the whole world and loose his own Soul?”
– St. Mathew 16:26

Farid was a great Saint of Multan. He has left a number of wonderful ‘Slokas’ that still are sung in many homes. In one of his ‘Slokas’, he says – “O Farid! Your father and your elder brother have already passed on! Soon your turn will come! The children that are left behind, they too will have to go on the other shore why to afraid from death?” Death is sweet as sleep: as Tennyson puts”. Sleep is death’s twin-brother.

The testimony of this is given in the biography of Ramkrishna Paramhansa. When Ramkrishna passed away, his wife Sri Saradamani who is revered as Holy Mother by thousands of her devotees scattered all over the worlds aid to her – my revered husband has died, I have become a widow. I must no longer wear the bangles that are on my arms! She started breaking the bangles on her arms. She was about to strike, when she heard a voice. It was the voice of Sri Ramkrishna who said to her Sarada – “Sarada what this that you are doing is! I am not dead. I have moved on from one room to another!” ‘Death is moving from one room to another’ why then we fear from death? We do not die we only drop the body like changing the new clothes or dress. Hence, Kanwarram is not dead. He is very much alive and living a room his Guru in Satrampuri in for better and brighter room and place. Death is our friend, so prepare for day, meditate on death, establish a link with your Ishta Devata viz. Krishna, Rama etc. while dying if you have name of your Ishta Devta in tongue or mind they takes you in His arms and your journey to God ward becomes easy. Kanwarram considered Guru Satramdas as his Ishta Devta, his God and he went to him. Last words of Mahatma Gandhi were Hey Rama! He thus went to Rama.

“Occupy thy mind with me
Be devoted to me, sacrifice to me,
How down to me, shall
Reach myself truly do I
Promise unto thee, for thou
Art dear to me”
Gita XVIII – 65

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